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Do you wish to live your entire life as an addict or alcoholic?  Does the social stigma and judgment of your family make you feel worthless and guilty?  You have these emotions because you know what you are doing is wrong and yet, you are completely powerless to stop it.  I have been down the same path you are treading right now and I can tell you, it was through getting help from a holistic treatment program, I found the ability to beat my addiction and changed my life for the better.

What makes our holistic addiction center different than other programs?  

Our treatment program focuses entirely on healing you and your addiction program, have you ever had a treatment center able to do that before?  What I mean when I say “entirely” is that our holistic program places importance on healing you wholly and completely and this is done to help you find a peaceful, balanced life again.  You do not have to worry about our holistic specialists only treating you physically or psychologically, we use the right protocols to give you back control over your decisions, teach you how to make better choices and to embrace the joy and harmony that come from a clean and sober life.

What is holistic nutrition and how important is it when treating addiction and alcoholism?  


Do you know our holistic addiction center uses a nutritional protocol which is very important to your healing and recovery?  Holistic nutrition at our facility, involves the use of food and nutritional information to help resolve your health issues caused by addiction and alcoholism. You have been ravaged by substance abuse and by eating the right foods and addressing your overall nutrition, our program will help you to rebuild your health and lay down the foundation for recovery to begin.

Where did the concept of holistic nutrition first come from?  

The use of foods in healing has been done for thousands of years, as evidenced for the use of various different kinds used to promote health and vitality.  Today, modern holistic practitioners follow the same practice and work with addicted people to find the right combination of foods to use when rebuilding health and the body.  Holistic nutrition is based on the theory of holistic health, which believes optimal health is attainable through providing the body with what it needs in terms of whole, organic, nutrient-dense foods. This is why our holistic treatment center is so successful, because we know it is essential to help our addicts in recovery, and our holistic nutritionists stress the importance of healthy dietary choices.

Why should you pick a holistic addiction center for your treatment?  

When you want to overcome and conquer your addiction or alcoholism problem, do you want to keep using the same traditional methods as before? You know it has not worked up until now, so why keep continuing down the same path?  Explore the options offered at our holistic treatment program and if you are ready to make serious changes, call us today at 877-207-8076, for more information.